Telegram Guidelines

Our Online Community is on Telegram.

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1) Please introduce yourself by sharing what you’d love to get out of the course, and anything else you’d like to share about your life.

Note: you can’t read any messages posted before you joined, to give some privacy to people who may have already finished their time in the group.

2) In the group you can:

✅ ask questions about the content of the program and bring in cases of your life

✅ connect with others: try out your nvc listening skills by guessing feelings or needs for example.

✅ celebrate (small) NVC learning steps you took (on Festive Friday we extra stimulate you to do so)

3) Please intend to:

🌸 keep confidential what you read from others in the group.

🌸 be clear in anything you post about what kind of reaction you want: people guessing your feelings/needs, reformulating? Do you want advice or not? Do you want to know whether others can relate? Do you just want to express and don’t need a reaction?

🌸 refrain from using ‘NVC listening donts’ with other members, unless asked otherwise by them, which includes:



-sharing your own experience without having given empathy

-analyse (maybe you had a tough childhood?)

-labels (‘you might be autist’, ‘as a woman you..’)

=> If any of these come up for you, we ask to do self empathy or request empathy from a buddy and translate your share into observations, feelings, needs, requests. 

When you talk about people outside of this group you are very welcome to express jackals so we can process them.

4) This is not the place to:

 ➡️ promote a/your business

 ➡️ share complaints about the program. If you have a complaint, email us at

 ➡️ express yourself in such a way that I deem as harmful for the safety of the group (judging other group members, using foul language to others, for example).

I keep the right to remove posts or to stop giving access to the group in such cases.

❤️I set these guidelines as a way to create a group with a focus on supporting each other and sharing in a safe environment. Make use of it as much as you can! 🤗

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